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Grand Slam at Nordic Tech Tour 2023

Nordic Innovation Fair.jpeg
Tech Tour 2023, Pitch competition winner

We are thrilled to announce that Agatre Sensors has emerged as the winner of the prestigious Nordic Tech Tour 2023 pitch competition, a platform that celebrates groundbreaking digital startup projects rooted in deeptech science. Taking place in the vibrant city of Copenhagen, Denmark, this event showcased the most innovative and promising startups from the Nordic region, and we are truly honored to be counted among them.

Our revolutionary full-spectrum sensor technology seamlessly combines color capturing with high bandwidth, spectral, and spatial resolution. Through the power of artificial intelligence and material science innovation, we offer a unique value proposition to device and equipment manufacturers. Our ultimate mission is to make spectral data accessible to everyone, empowering individuals to leverage this remarkable tool and contribute to shaping a better world for future generations. We aim to level the playing field and democratize access to sensor data, enabling users to make smarter real-time decisions.

During the pitch competition, we had the privilege of showcasing our full-spectrum sensor technology to a distinguished panel of expert judges and investors. Their overwhelmingly positive response to our vision, traction, and potential impact served as tremendous motivation and provided us with invaluable feedback and insights. Additionally, we had the pleasure of networking with some of the foremost players in the Nordic tech ecosystem, learning from their experiences and forging valuable connections.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the organizers and sponsors of the Nordic Tech Tour 2023 for making this incredible event possible. Furthermore, we extend our deepest appreciation to our exceptional team, advisors, partners, and customers for their unwavering support and trust. This esteemed award serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication and hard work we have poured into our journey, and it has only fueled our motivation to continue pushing boundaries and achieving our goals.