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Insights Beyond The VisibleTM 



Uniting Traditional and Hyperspectral Imaging on a Single Solid-State Chip.

We are leading the way in transforming spectral measurement and imaging technology, bringing you cutting-edge full-spectral measurement and imaging capabilities right at your fingertips.

We deliver the world's smallest full-spectrum software-defined sensors to equipment manufacturers,  advanced sensors that detect, identify, and classify individuals, vital signs, objects, materials, and more.

Whether it's on cellphones, smartwatches, drones, cars, satellites, or across industrial equipment, we are revolutionizing the way you experience and utilize this groundbreaking full-spectrum technology.


Our full-spectrum sensor technology business is fueled by Edge computing, Internet of Things, and  Artificial intelligence. 


With applications and use-cases within consumer electronics, industrial, defense and space equipment and systems we are in a high growth business.

Harnessing the power of the light spectrum opens up a world of possibilities and untapped potential. This natural resource, today underutilized, holds unlimited opportunities for both commercial and consumer applications.

Until now, the light spectrum has primarily been confined to laboratory or professional settings. However, with the advent of spectral sensor technology, its uses have expanded exponentially. From quality control to measurement, analysis to detection, and identification to classification tasks, the applications are vast and varied.

Here's where our groundbreaking nano-scale material science-based innovation comes into play. We have developed a revolutionary solution that brings the previously highly expensive capabilities of spectral sensor technology to the consumer market and large-scale industrial equipment and installations.

Imagine the potential! With our innovation, the integration of this cutting-edge technology becomes not only feasible but also affordable. From everyday consumer products to large-scale industrial operations, the power of the light spectrum can now be harnessed like never before.

Join us in this groundbreaking journey as we unlock the true potential of the light spectrum, revolutionizing industries and transforming the way we perceive and utilize light. The future is bright, and it's time to harness its power.


Professional and consumer point of care solutions
Industrial equipment and systems
Professional, governmental and industrial drone systems
Autonomous car
Envision a future where this technology is implemented in various scenarios and applications

Delve deeper into the possibilities

Imagine a world where your smart ring not only accurately tracks your heart rate, but also provides vital insights into your body's core temperature, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, respiratory rate, hydration levels, oxygen saturation, stress levels, and so much more. With this extraordinary wearable technology, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your health and well-being like never before.

Furthermore, picture a cellphone that transcends its traditional functions and becomes your personal health companion. It can evaluate the food you consume, determining whether it aligns with your specific dietary restrictions and promotes good health. Additionally, this innovative device enables you to engage in live video consultations with your doctor, who can remotely access your vital signs and provide accurate diagnoses and medical advice. Seamlessly connecting you with healthcare professionals, this cellphone becomes an invaluable tool in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

In this visionary world, drones assume the role of guardians in agriculture, precisely measuring and monitoring crops. These unmanned aerial vehicles can assess the need for targeted treatments, be it pesticides, nutrients, or irrigation, ensuring optimal crop growth while minimizing waste. With the power of drone technology, farming becomes more efficient and sustainable, resulting in higher yields and healthier produce.

Autonomous cars, equipped with advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms, are not merely vehicles but safeguarders of road safety. These self-driving vehicles possess the ability to identify hazardous materials on the road, such as black ice or oil spills, alerting drivers and taking necessary precautions to prevent accidents. With autonomous cars, the roads become safer for everyone, significantly reducing the risk of potential dangers.

In a world where military operations are a reality, the military vision system becomes an indispensable asset. This cutting-edge technology can detect and locate camouflaged enemies on the battlefield, providing crucial information to military personnel and aiding in strategic decision-making. With the military vision system, the element of surprise is no longer a concern, granting our armed forces a substantial advantage in combat scenarios.

Finally, industrial systems harness the power of spectral data to revolutionize manufacturing processes. By analyzing full-spectral images, these systems can identify areas for improvement, reduce waste, optimize logistics, and ultimately enhance yields. The manufacturing industry becomes more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, paving the way for a sustainable future.

At our core, we are driven by a mission to make spectral data accessible to everyone. We believe in empowering individuals to harness the power of this remarkable tool, shaping a better world for future generations. Our commitment to transforming the way we capture full-spectral images and utilize the resulting data is unwavering. Together, we can unlock profound insights that transcend what is visible to the naked eye. Prepare to revolutionize the why, how, when, and where of this extraordinary technology.


Welcome to a future where insights beyond the visibleTM are within your grasp.

Revolutionizing Spectral measurement and Imaging Technology:

Uniting Traditional and Hyperspectral Imaging on a Single Chip.

Discover the groundbreaking sensor technology that merges the best of both worlds for unprecedented measurement and imaging capabilities.


Sensor on finger no BG
Full-SPECTRAL powered Measurement and  IMAGING 

Mass-adoption of hyperspectral imaging is coming to professional, industrial and consumer products. 


Are you ready? 


For any technology to reach the broad masses and become ready for mass-deployment,  adaptation constraints must be overcome and deployment hurdles are to be resolved.

What are the limitations and challenges faced by equipment and device manufacturers in adopting cutting-edge hyperspectral or full spectral imaging technology on a large scale?

Physical size

Current technology solutions require big amounts of design area and volume.  dimensions blue

Resulting in big design constraints and limits use-case adoption.  

Spectral bandwidth

Current solutions provide a narrow spectal bandwidth. Bandwidth

Limiting the number of potential use-cases. 

Spectral resolution

The spectral resolution in the current state of the art technologies designed for use outside of the laboratory environment is low.  

Pixel blue


Limiting the number of high impact and value use-case adoption.  

Power consumption

The power consumption of high performance hyperspectral imaging sensors is high. Power blue


Limits the number of use cases and excludes handheld, mobile and autonomous  types of use-cases. 

Sensor pricing

High performance hyperspectral imaging sensor costs are high.

money blue


Limits the numer of use cases and excludes most handheld, mobile, autonomous and consumer applications. 

The birth of our sensor technology is the culmination of a groundbreaking scientific discovery that has been nurtured and refined through over a decade of relentless scientific exploration in the realm of nano-materials and photonics at Aalto University.

The new era of digital imaging

What makes our solution unique?

A series of scientific breakthroughs in the area of nanomaterials and photonics are at the foundation of our patent pending innovation for this new imaging sensor techology. 

Sensor type

Our sensor combines the traditional RGB CMOS sensor type of capabilities with true spectroscopic capabilities. 
Creating a full spectrum data cube per pixel 

Integration possibilities

Our sensor design removes the need for any additional, complex, expensive and fragile filters, complex optics or similar in the product design. 
Enabling totally new slim and integrated product designs.

Software driven design

Our sensor architecture is simple, robust without any moving elements or parts. The functionality of our sensor is totally defined and controlled by software. 
Endless new software application innovation opportunities for our partners. 

Sensor design

Our sensor architecture is designed to be compatible with standard CMOS production processes. 

Mass-production scalable manufacturing processes allows for sensor deployment in high volume products and applications.



Looking for a super-investment opportunity?   

Join us on this exciting journey, led by a highly motivated team with expertise in business and entrepreneurship, nanomaterials, optics, and semiconductor design. We're actively seeking visionary investors to amplify our impact and become marketleaders in this high growth global market of high-performace full-spectrum sensors. 

STAY in the forefront of hyperspectral imaging application development

Join Our Exclusive Application Development Partnership Program!  

We are inviting a limited number of industrial application development partners to join our program for the years 2023 and 2024. 

Meet our amazing Team

Full team 2023
Mikael Westerlund

Mikael Westerlund

Entrepreneur & Business Development Executive

Project Lead & Business Developer


Andreas Liapis

Andreas Liapis

Photonics & Fabrication Expert

PhD Optics
Product Development

Faisal Ahmed

Faisal Ahmed

Device Fabrication Expert

PhD Nanotechnology
Product development

Unique combination of skills and experience

Our team brings together over 50 years of expertise in photonics, semiconductor device manufacturing and design, business leadership and development, marketing and sales, product management, and fundraising.

Currently, we are in the pre-commercial phase and are actively advancing our technology and business readiness as a Business Finland Research to Business Project, operating under the Aalto University umbrella until mid-2024. We are diligently preparing to officially launch our startup in 2024.

The foundation of our Agate sensor technology stems from over a decade of groundbreaking research conducted at Aalto University by the esteemed research team led by our scientific advisor, Professor Zhipei Sun. We are now focused on commercializing the Agate sensor technology, which stands as the only sensor combining RGB (Red/Green/Blue) and hyperspectral imaging capabilities.

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